The Australian National Busking Championships™ South East Queensland Regional Finals, Stanthorpe - Saturday 25th February, 2017.
INFO FOR BUSKERS - handy info for the day PRIZES - now over $6000 INFO FOR SPECTATORS - both locals and visitors
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Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this event!
Allan Spencer, creator of the original The Australian National Busking Championships™ in Cooma, NSW, who has mentored & supported us in our creation of this Stanthorpe-based event.
  • Stephen Tancred, President of Stanthorpe Rotary Club 2016-17

  • Fran Hodgson, Chair, Stanthorpe Rotary Busking Committee

  • Dwain Macnamara, Secretary, Stanthorpe Rotary Busking Committee

  • Julie Beddow, Stanthorpe Rotary

  • Mellissa Pascoe, Stanthorpe Rotary

  • Greg Thouard, President, Stanthorpe Festival Association Inc.

  • Peter and Rosey Harslett, Stanthorpe Festival Assoc. Representatives; Sponsorship Coordinators

  • Mary McLucas, Stanthorpe Festival Assoc. Representative;

  • Michelle Conkas,
  • Ethernest Design, Website & social media management
    Thanks to the following photographers who contributed photos taken at the 2016 Apple & Grape Harvest Festival:
  • Gloria Lancaster-Kelly

  • Kris Carnell

  • Glenda Riley

  • D Marsden

  • Errol Walker

  • Graham Rayner

  • Michelle Conkas
    Thanks to Amanda Beale at AA Graphics for logos and brochures!